November 7 - Hold On to Your Dreams

Your dreams, goals, ambitions, and intentions are very personal. They belong to you because they are part of your soul’s path. Only you know what your heart and spirit are guiding you to do and become.

No matter what circumstances arise in your life, how you feel about yourself, or what other people say and do, you must hold on to your dreams. They’re an essential component of why you were incarnated on Earth at this time - they’re part of you, as well as the building blocks of your creations.

Today, embrace your desires. Revive them if you haven’t thought about them for awhile, and ask us angels to help you put them into action. We’ll open doors for you, and even motivate you to walk through them.

Thought for Today

I hold on to my dreams no matter what, for they are my personal destiny. I only need my own permission to follow them. I am fully supported by God and the angels, and my happiness brings positive healing energy to the world.