November 30 - Decide What Kind of Day You'd Like to Have

You have the ability and power to set the tone for your day. You do this by determining the types of experience that you’d prefer. Ask yourself now: What kind of day would I like to have? Only allow yourself to visualize and feel highest energies. If you find yourself focusing on negative scenarios, ask us angels to transmute this fearful energy into love.

You’re the director of your day. In any situation, there’s a best possible outcome, and you move to that higher level through your commitment to have extraordinary experiences.

You deserve all the greatness that life can offer. Collect your bounty today, and decide to have a wonderful time.

Thought for Today

Today will be _______ . I ask my angel’s help in staying positive, upbeat, and optimistic throughout the day. I deserve to have a wonderful time, and I experience each situation and relationship at its highest possible level.