November 28 - Rise above Illusions

Every seeming problem is built upon an illusion that something could go wrong in God’s world. When you realize that there’s Divine order behind everything, you relax into the arms of the universe, which really does know what it’s doing. Its mathematical precision and love are the foundation for everything that happens. So any difficulties that you encounter come from an assumption that something is amiss or out of order, and this is impossible.

Today, we angels will work with you to look past the false impressions to the true symmetry underlying all people and things. By doing so, you make a great contribution, similar to what your physicists call the “observer effect,” which states that your very presence changes whatever you’re looking at. In the same way, when you see beyond the appearances of chaos and notice orderliness instead, you help others to do the same.

The more people are able to rise above illusions, the more God’s universe is revealed to be an infinite and vibrant paradise. It’s heaven on Earth for those who are observant.

Thought for Today

I see the Divine order within everything and everyone today, rising above the illusion of problems or chaos. As I look for the truth and beauty within myself and others, that is what I experience.