November 27 - Focus on Similarities

When you’re newly in love with someone, you naturally focus on everything that both of you have in common. This energy of caring is shared by everyone. As you concentrate on your similarities to the people in your life, you bring loving understanding to every relationship.

The ego relished making you compare yourself to others and focus on all your differences. This is a device to support the illusion that you’re separated from God, us angels, and other people.

Your higher self, in contrast, is centered on the true nature of love, so look for the features that you share with others today. Notice the tender feelings that this inspires within you and your relationships. You may find that you have more in common with the people in your life than you’d ever have thought possible.

Thought for Today

I observe the things i have in common with others. I am one with God and everyone in my life, and I seek out the similarities among other people. My relationships are now loving and harmonious.