November 21 - Trust Your Ideas

Many of your ideas are Divinely inspired answers to your prayers. For example, ypu may wish for a more meaningful career or a better relationship, and we angels - the messengers of God’s teachings - show you how to create these conditions for yourself. And when you finally take action, the results are Divine.

First, you must trust your ideas so that you can put the full weight and energy of your convictions behind them. Believe in yourself because you have faith in God’s wisdom, which is infallible. Know that you have the support of the entire universe behind you. Move forward confidently as you breathe life into your Divinely inspired ideas.

Trust in the thought that you receive today that emphasize serving, loving, healing, and inspiring. The focus of these ideas is giving and when they’re manifested, they always yield greet rewards.

Thought fort Today

I receive Divinely inspired ideas in response to my requests for guidance. When I put them into action, I am bringing forth the answers to my prayers. I am motivated and organized to act on what I believe.