November 10 - Enjoy Unwavering Faith

You already know the importance of staying filled with faith as far as manifestations and healings are concerned. We angels are here today to teach you some methods to gather and boost your power of belief.

Faith is the ability to stay focused on love no matter what, trusting it to bring about wonderful solutions and miracles. This belief counts on love to provide all the answers. Distrust, on the other hand, is the opposite: It makes you believe that you have to do everything by yourself; and all things in life are won through struggling, worrying, and competing. Of the two feelings, which do you believe is happier and healthier?

Remember that when you ask for a prayer to be answered. you can also request to have your faith elevated.

Thought for Today

I ask God and the angels to boost my ability to believe. I am willing to trust love to meet my needs. I now choose the powerful life of one who is filled with faith.