October 8 - Heed Your Calling

Your Divine life purpose is calling you, asking you to breathe life into it. As the perfect child of the Creator, you have this capability of infusing life into a potential situation.

Your calling is the activity or career that you frequently daydream about. You wonder about what your life would be like if you were to commit to it. This is called the “potential phase",” and is similar to holding an uninflated balloon.

When you investigate your pathway by reading about it, taking classes on the subject. or talking to other people in the field, you’re partially inflating the balloon with your life force. This is when the calling becomes stronger - the more energy you put into it, the more forceful it becomes. Pretty soon you can no longer ignore it.

Heed your calling today, allowing yourself to fully recognize your desire to take up a journey such as a career, project, or volunteer activity. The more you invest your energy in this aspiration, the more life it takes on … until it finally shifts from dream to reality.

Thought for Today

I am honest with myself about my deepest dreams related to a career, volunteer work, or project. I heed my inner calling and investigate putting my dreams into action by reading, taking classes, or talking to someone about my topic i=of interest. I deserve to live a fulfilling life.