October 21 - See Your World Through Fresh Eyes

Sometimes daily routines can blur your ability to notice the fine details of your world, yet those little things are what make life fun and meaningful. One way to reawaken your sensitivity is to imagine that you’re seeing everything through someone else’s eyes.

Today, imagine that a person who’s brand-new to your life is walking beside you. The individual is entirely loving, so you needn’t worry about being judged - yet it’s interesting to imagine he or she would view your day. This novel perspective may shed light on some unconscious routines that are no longer serving their purpose. You may decide to make some improvements after seeing your world in a new way.

You’ll also probably feel grateful for how blessed you are to have such amazing friends and family in your life. You’ll have more appreciation for all the gifts that you have after seeing them with fresh eyes.

Thought for Today

I view my world through different eyes and I see things from a new perspective. I love to make improvements to my life, and as I do so, my energy level grows higher.