October 1 - Appreciate Your Body

Your physical body is one of your most important tools to support your Divine life mission - it’s your soul’s dwelling during your time on earth. And just as you care for the home that you live in, your body thrives on attention and appreciation.

Your physical self has a life force and intelligence of its own. This springs from its DNA, the connecting station between the spiritual and physical worlds that act as a conduit between your oversoull (which is joined to the larger spirit world) and your inner self (the being housed within your body). The electrical balance of these receptors and conductors operates better when your body is well cared for.

The house of your spirit thrives on praise, appreciation, and other forms of care, just like any other living creature. The more you say kind things to and about it, the better it responds.

Today, love and appreciate your body. It will reward you in turn with increased energy and vitality as it shows its gratitude for your attention.

Thought for Today

I take excellent care of my body. I appreciate it, for it is healthy, strong, and vital. I now ask the angels to send extra healing love energy to my physical self.