January 9 Forget About Time

The measurement of Time allows for precise interactions on a physical level. It has the opposite effect, however, on the nonphysical levels. Your soul travels great distances whenever it reaches a saturation point on the earthly plane. Those are the moments you feel bored or distracted, because your soul is coming far away.

You can overcome boredom and feel more focused by freeing yourself from measuring time. In this way, you're aligned with your soul instead of your body. When you become overly concerned with temporal reality, your body becomes focused on one dimension and your soul another. You experience "time constraints" when your physical and spiritual selves are out of sync with one another.

Free yourself from these limitations today. Instead of worrying about the clock, set clear intentions for your timelessness. Affirm that everything will flow smoothly for you at just the right moment - and it will.

Thought for Today

I forget about time. I remove my watch and trust my inner clock to guide me. I am Divinely punctual.