January 31 - Give Your Worries to God

When you hold your worries inside, they fester within a closed container, growing darker and larger until they haunt you with incessant stress. So instead of bottling up thee concerns, give them to God!

The infinite, Divine wisdom of God contains every solution. Even seemingly hopeless situations are worked out peacefully as you hand them over to heaven, for within every possible problem, a resolution has already been created.

 In the world of Spirit, there are no actual problems - everything is peaceful, harmonious, and healed. When you turn your mind heavenward, you tap into this truth and experience it for yourself. Every worry or difficulty is a reminder to turn to heaven's love... it's an opportunity for you to choose peace and serenity in place of stress and tension. You're part of a glorious team of angels and other living beings who come instantly to your assistance the moment you allow their intervention.

Let this be the day when you surrender all of your cares to God. Don't wait a moment longer to release every shred of fear or doubt to heaven's waiting arms.

Thought for Today

I give all my worries to God. I hold nothing back. Everything, small or large, is shed from my consciousness. Like an infant child, I allow myself to be completely cared for. I trust in the infinite wisdom and love of the Creator to shelter me and fulfill all of my needs.