January 30 - Talk to Angels

We hear and answer all your prayers and requests for help. Even though you may not yet see or feel our presence, we're right here beside you now.

When you talk to us, you open the doorways on angelic connection, The more you talk to us, the more you're aware of us. It doesn't matter which ways you communicate - whether through written, spoken or silent words ... we hear any discourse you direct our way.

We always respond to you, and at first you may feel our answer in your heart or think it in your mind. These are real messages from us, sent to you on the wings of pure, unconditional love.

Thought for Today

I talk to my angels all throughout the day. I engage them in every decision and situation, asking for their help, guidance, protection, and involverment; and I see evidence of their hands of love making everythin better.