January 29 - Know That You Can Do Anything!

Your abilities and power are unlimited, so you can do anything that you set your mind (and heart) to. Approach each situation lightheartedly: Simply focus on your goal as if it's already being manifested in material form.

Whatever you desire, simply affirm that it is already so - this includes behaviors and actions. For example, instead of saying. "I wish I would work out more," set your sights on knowing that you already do. See and feel yourself as highly motivated to exercise, and as actually enjoying the experience. Give thanks that your fitness habit is already in place.

The same goes for anything else you desire. See and feel yourself as patient, prosperous,  healthy, happy, enjoying your work and relationships, and everything else you wish for.

The term Spirit is rooted in the words inspire and aspire, and when you aspire to something, you're inspired by the Spirit. You're supported by the eternal force, the same one that you share with God, the angels, and every person on the planet.

You, as Divine Spirit, can do anything!

Thought for Today

I believe in myself and all my psooibilities. I turn doubts into dreams and fears iinto excitement. I lean upon Gosd's power within me, knowing that thtis energy motivatesd and supports me in all ways.