January 28, 2018 - Say Good-bye to Guilt

Guilt occurs when you blame yourself for a troubling situation. It's a heavy burden to carry, as well as being unhealthful and unhelpful. Guilt differs greatly from a sense of responsibility: Guilt involves anger, shame, blame, and judgments; while responsibility relates to love, sharing, and positive action.

Today we angels lift the burden of self-reproach from your shoulders. Breathe deeply while we unshackle you from the effects of blame, and see yourself in heaven's light of complete forgiveness. Any mistakes have been like children who awkwardly run into each other - in truth, you're innocent and guiltless. And as you live freely and joyously, you bring great blessings to many lives, including your own.

Thought for Today

I say good-bye to guilt and freee myself from the burdens of blame or shame. I see myself as God sees me, innocent in all ways. I am able to live responsibly; with love and peace lifting me up to a place where I can truly be of sacred service to myself, my loved ones, and this world.