January 27 - Hold Nothing Back from Yourself

You have many important inner conversations, many of which you're completely unaware of. Sharing with yourself is vitally important, so what would you like to admit to yourself right now? Sometimes it's just a matter of giving yourself the opportunity to practice self-honesty.

Some of your emotions may worry, frighten, or intimidate you, so you keep them from your conscious awareness. You may be ashamed of your feelings, yet admitting them to yourself is important for happiness and healing. (You don't need to act upon these emotions, but it is important to admit them to yourself.) In g=doing so, you'll understand th reason why they arise, and you'll gain compassion for yourself.

Self-honesty is the cornerstone for self-awareness, which, in turn, is the foundation of self-love. When you know who you are, you can better accept yourself. Have the intention today of eavesdropping upon your own inner conversations; and try to keep a sense of humor, compassion, and love toward them. Hold nothing back from yourself, and candidly converse about every topic, airing your deepest feelings - and the take the risk of expressing them through writing, singing, dancing, or some creative outlet.

Thought for Today

I am honest with myself. I open the lid on my emotions, and I view them with the same compassion I would extend to a child. As I admit my innermost feelings to myself, I gain a deeper understanding and love of myself and others.