January 25 - Remember You Magnificence

Your soul is Divinely magnificent in all ways. You shine God's light radiantly upon the planet, even when you're unaware of this gift that you bring.

Your greatness is continuously assured, regardless of what's going on around you. No opinion of you - except one of pure and unconditional love - reflects your eternal truth. You're a beautiful example of God's handiwork, completely perfect and a joy to behold.

 Today we would like you to remember your Divine perfection and call upon it to support you. See that same holy ideal within everyone you encounter, and you'll find that all of your relationships are elevated to profoundly joyous experiences.

Thought for Today

I remember that I am one with God, eternally and in every situation. Everywhere I am, God is always by my side, watching over me unconditionally and loving me in all ways.