January 23 - Enjoy True Intamacy

A "heart connection" with another person is one of life's great pleasures. It's the gift of true intimacy that each of you gives to the other  - and it's true of every type of relationship, be it family, friendship, or love.

We angels share this sort of bond with you, even if you're unaware of our presence in your life. We're intimately connected with all of your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Because we cherish you unconditionally, our love for you never wavers. At each moment, it's as steady and strong as at the next.

Seek out moments of true intimacy with another person (or with us) today. Begin this connection by looking into each other's eyes and speaking the truth that you feel in your heart. Feel the elevated energy that comes from speaking from a place of truth. That is a heart connection ... true intimacy.

Thought for Today

I speak from my heart, and allow myself to say the truth that I feel. I open myself up to hearing and feeling truth. I let myself experience a deep connection to another person.