January 20 - Allow Angels to Help You

You're our beloved one; and we take great interest in your care, happiness, and peace of mind. When you're upset, we stand even closer to you and embrace you with our affection. Even when you feel all alone or misunderstood, we're with you, loving you steadily.

We're your teammates, who are constantly ready to receive whatever you throw our way. When you coordinate your efforts with us, we can go even farther together. This means keeping open lines of communication at all times, especially when you feel upset or need support.

When you allow us to help you with everything, you'll see evidence of the depth of our love for you. It's so big that it exceeds the capacity of words to express it. Yet when you allow us to demonstrate our devotion, you'll feel it.

Thought for Today

I am deeply loved. My angels cherish me for what i am right now, and I allow them to help me. I ask my angels for assistance all throughout the day. We are a perfectly united team.