January 18 - Cast Positive Words into Your Future

Just as you can send loving energy into your future - where it will sit and wait for you, adjusting every situation to its highest potential - so can your utterances. As you already know, each word you speak, think, or say has powerful effects ...its the equivalent of a sales order requesting what you's like to experience.

Today choose words that reflect what you truly desire. Form every one from the loving being within who truly cares about you and the world. Cast positive speech into your future as a gift to yourself. And just like finding something valuable that you'd hidden long ago and forgotten about, the fruits of your past experiences will embrace you in times to come.

Thought forToday

Since I am love's creation, so, too, are all my creations born of love. All of my words come from that loving place inside of me. I surround everything I say with love and speak kindly about myself and all others. I speak, hear, write and think in loving terms, and I joyfully receive these manifestations.