January 15 - Stay True to Yourself

As a sensitive person, you perceive what others want an d you wish to please them. Today we'll work on developing healthy limits, or those where you retain your helpful nature while staying true to yourself.

You;re overjoyed when you can aid someone to be healthier and happier - this is the expression of your higher self and part of your life's purpose, and we encourage this beautiful aspect of you. Our duty as your angels is to guide you through situations where you feel resentful. This happens when you are too tired or too busy to give assistance, but you do so anyway. It also occurs in relationships where you feel that you give more than you receive (including joy or satisfaction). These are examples of circumstances in which constructive boundaries can enhance your health and happiness.

Whenever someone asks you for help, your intuition and body will guide you to the best response. If you sense any negativity about the situation, this is a time to hesitate before saying yes. During this pause, call upon us: Pour out  your heart about your various thoughts and emotions with regard to the situation, WE'll help you clarify your decision and feel good about either saying yes or no to the request for help.

By staying true to yourself, you keep your energy high and clear, and you provide inspirational role modeling for other healers and helpers. Integrity toward yourself is a gift to the world.

Thought for Today

I stay true to myself, and I honor my feelings and energy levels. It is safe for me to say no whenever I am guided to do so. I can help others in many ways, including through prayer.