January 10 - Release with Love

If your desires aren't materializing as quickly as you want, ask yourself:

  • Am I trying too hard to make something happen?
  • Do I have underlying fears that my dreams won't come true?
  • Do I have fixed ideas about how my desires will materialize?
  • Am I blaming someone for this situation (including myself)?

Any "yes" answers indicate a need to let go and surrender your wishes to God, the Infinite Supplier. When you clearly state your dreams and them release them to the universe, they can come true very quickly.

Today we want to work with you in relinquishing your desires. Some people believe that surrender is the same as apathy, and that releasing means "I no longer care about this dream." Yet the reverse is actually true: The more you value a desire, the more important it is to deliver it to the universe; otherwise, your concern may invite a parade of anxiety, which could march all over your dream and smother the life out of it.

We'll help you release with love today, and we'll reassure you that the Infinite Mind is already supplying you with your needs (even if those provisions aren't yet apparent to you).

Thought for Today

God and angels, I now surrender my dream, which is ________. You know that I care deeply about this desire, and that I greatly wish for it, or something better, to manifest in my life right now. Thank you for guiding me clearly, and for helping my dream be fulfilled right now.