August 15 - Know That You're a Gift of Joy

Babies are often referred to as "bundles of joy." Well, you're also a delightful present to others - you, too, are joy, gift wrapped in a beautiful human body. Everywhere you go, you exude wonderful energies, even when you're unaware of this process. You can't help but spread happiness, as that's your true essence and nature.

Of course, you can increase or decrease the amount of joy that you radiate, so place your attention on showering huge amounts of bliss wherever you go. You can do this without a word - without even being noticed. Simply set your intention throughout the day to spread happy feelings, and it's done. You'll know by the smiles and laughter you inspire that your aim has been fulfilled, for these are reflections of the gift that you've given.

Thought for Today

I spread happiness wherever I am. I set the intention to give more of this feeling than ever today. Everywhere I go, I ask that delight fill the hearts of those I encounter. I am the embodiment of joy itself.

August 14 - See the Beauty Within Yourself

Your inner and outer beauty is breathtaking and awe inspiring. You're a perfect reflection of Heaven's splendor, and everything about you is radiant. If you could see yourself through the eyes of us angels, you'd feel the rapture that we enjoy in your presence.

Your entire being is a creation of the Divine Maker, so how could you be anything but glorious?  You were made by the One Who designed glorious flowers, sunsets, mountains, birds, and lakes. Your blueprint is just as perfect as anything else in God's kingdom.

As you relax with the realization of your Divine perfection, any memory of perceived flaws fades into the background. Your self image is healed as you fall back in love with yourself and come to cherish yourself as much as God does.

You and every being on this planet are magnificent. Today, see this for yourself: Open your heart, eyes, and mind to experience the profound depth of beauty that is everywhere.

Thought for Today

I am truly beautiful, inside and out. All of God's creation are perfect, including me. I was designed by the same Creator who made all the exquisite parts of nature. I love myself as I am right now.

August 13 - Simplify Your Life

Easing your burdens involves using your gift of discernment to decide which direction you choose for yourself. Pressure comes from trying to go in multiple directions all at the same time. Often this stems from concerns about other people's judgments or displeasure, which comes from fears of abandonment. And at the base of these anxieties is the true root: a terror that God has abandoned you.

Beloved one, heaven would never abandon you, It couldn't - you're forever enmeshed into the Godhead, which is the single unit of living spirit that collectively fuels all sentiment beings. God's will for you is joy, and this is simple because it's your true nature. You don't need to work at feeling this emotion.

Today, say yes to happiness and no to fear-based choices that cloud your schedule with too much "busy-ness". Today, open yourself up to simplicity.

Before every decision, spend time in meditative and prayerful silence. Only agree to those activities that you can accept wholeheartedly. We'll give you the strength and courage to say no to all other demands on your time.

It's safe for you to simplify your life.

Thought for Today

I simplify my days by living wholeheartedly and spending my time in meaningful ways. My angels protect, motivate, and guide me to release all false burdens from my shoulders and give myself breathing room.

August 11 - Enjoy the Beauty of Simplicity

Everything that you desire is yours. There's never any need to strain or struggle for something. As soon as you ask, it's given to you. When you exhale and let go, you find that everything is waiting for you.

Only the ego tries to complicate your self-concept and life, twisting it into a complex mesh of unrecognizable scenery. Don't buy into the ego's script.

Life is simple, and so is love. It just is.

The bottom line is that God is love and the Divine is omnipresent ... therefore, caring is everywhere. That's the simple truth.

Thought for Today

I let go of struggle and allow myself to enjoy life. I use my God-given power to meet all my earthly needs. I delight in simplicity and the feeling of love.

August 10 - Enjoy True Rest

You've worked hard and may feel the need for some well-deserved rest, so honor your physical and emotional self. If you feel at all tires or overwhelmed, create some space for relaxation.

True rest comes when the mind, heart, and body are at peace. Today, write down any cares that are bothering you so that they're not creating a mind noise that could interfere with your tranquility. Put the list in a special place where only you can see it. If you have a "God box" (a special container where you keep your prayers), place the paper in there, but if privacy is a concern, burn it. The point is to relax stressful thoughts onto paper.

Detoxify your body of any chemicals that could lead to muscular tension. Drink lots of water to flush out stimulants or other toxins.

The next step to prepare for true rest is to grant yourself permission to take a break. Deliver guilt or worry about your schedule to us, giving us as much as you need to. If you like, we can stand by your window and doors to ensure your privacy and protection while you rest. We'll even screen your calls or emails so that you have some quiet time. Just ask, and it is done.

Rest well, dear one. This investment that you make in yourself yields bountiful dividends.

Thought for Today

I relax, let go, and take a breather. I give my mind a rest from any cares or decisions and allow my body to be at ease. This is my day off, a time of complete relaxation away from any strain or struggles.


August 9 - Extend Your Energy

To extend the feeling of peacefulness that you have right now, send its energy forward into your day. Visualize surrounding each of your future minutes and hours with a blanket of harmonious energy. This tranquility will wait for you and joyously greet you when you arrive.

Give yourself the gift of a peaceful day. Feel the serenity that always resides within you. Breathe in deeply to increase this energy, and then exhale it into your day, using any chakra that you feel guided to call upon. Envelop every situation and person - familiar and unknown - with this gift of peaceful love.

Notice how much more enjoyable your day is. Other people will be subconsciously aware of your energy, and their gratitude will be apparent. Enjoy the fruits of this gift.

Thought for Today

I now feel the depths of my inner calm. In truth, I am always at peace, because God's serenity resides within me. I send my harmonious energy out into my day, enveloping every person and situation that I'll encounter. This power is always replenished, for the more power I give, the more I experience.

August 8 -Ask for Help

Periodically, we angles will remind you that we're always available to help you with everything - but we can only do so if you ask us to. We respect your free will to make decisions and work out any problems on your own. Yet if you ever feel as if you need some assistance, don't forget that we're here.

Thought for Today

I remember to ask my angels for help. They want to aid me with everything, large and small. I simply need to have the thought, and they will go immediately to work on my behalf. They're always with me, ready to support me.

August 7 - Heal Anger

When fiery emotions threaten the sanctity of your relationships, remember that love is always in your midst. Anger an b used as a tool for increasing fear or love, depending on your decision. you build a case against another person, you erect walls to protect yourself from feeling emotions. Love's approach removes all barriers, allowing you to face that individual with honesty.

You role is not to change someone or justify yourself. Those are behaviors that increase fear, because they make you think that you're separate from others, and from God. Love's approach to anger is to always remember the Divinity within every person and relationship.

Let go of any attachment as to how the situation will proceed. Put your entire focus on knowing that everything has already worked out for the best. This assurance relaxes any defensiveness you may feel and allows you to enjoy your day regardless of the circumstances.

Feel your emotions about the relationship fully - don't deny them. Only dispel the illusion that the other person is separated from you, or that you're isolated from affection. This is healthy and leads you back home to love.

Thought for Today

No matter what, I am always connected to love. I work through anger in healthy, caring ways. I allow myself to feel this emotion, yet I always remember that its source is an illusion - in truth, everything is already healed right now.

August 6 - Forgive Past Lovers

Your romantic life is shaped by your feelings about your previous relationships. Your emotions about the past have formed logjams that block love from entering. We need to clear the path so that new romance can get through.

Practically every human we've encountered harbors old feelings toward former lovers, so don't feel shame if you do, too. Instead, put your whole focus on moving beyond the past. Unhitch yourself from the heavy burden that you've been hauling around for so long.

Begin by opening yourself completely to our healing presence. Release all painful feelings from the past ... just let them go. You'll always retain the love and lessons from every relationship. Today, we're only clearing the aftermath of hurtful memories.

Open your heart to us now, and feel us sweeping away cobwebs that have bound your heart in cold silence. Release old anger, resentment, tensions, worry, guilt, and shame. Let go of everything that feels painful or uncomfortable by exhaling it out now.

Feel us disentangling you from your past. We'll do our work, and you must do yours, which is to be receptive, open, and willing. Together, we'll clear the way for love to flow through you and your life.

Thought for Today

I am willing to release unforgiveness toward _________. I now let go of old pain in exchange for a new relationship. I am a being 100 percent love, and suffering is impossible. It is safe for me to experience romance, since my angels are guiding and protecting me.

August 5 - Enjoy Romantic Love

Your romantic life is determined by the self-talk that you engage in. When you say positive and loving things, you build up your feelings of worth. There's no other magic formula but self-love to prepare you for the romantic relationship that you desire and deserve.

You must cherish yourself wholly, including those parts that you believe need improving. The more affection you have for yourself, the higher your energy level - which is the basis for romantic attractiveness. Remember that you draw people to you who vibrate at similar energetic wavelengths. To attract an emotionally health partner, establish a foundation of well-being by loving and well-being by loving and accepting yourself.

We angels stand next to you right now, awaiting your request to help you with this endeavor. Whether you feel that you need a complete overhaul of your self-esteem or just a minor adjustment, we're ready to support you.

Make a pact with us today, continuing to steer your language to become love based, especially when used to describe yourself. Know that all possibilities are open to you ... just say the word.

Thought for Today

I deserve great love. I am a good and kind person, and I value myself just for being who I am right now. I am entirely healed.