October 17 - Let Go of Self-Judgement

Ultimately, the only person you need to forgive is yourself. Any anger, resentment, or grudges that you hold toward others can always be traced back to feelings you have about yourself. This is why some of your attempts to forgive others seemed unsuccessful. Until you forgive yourself, self-reproach will bleed into your relationships with those around you.

Self-forgiveness is different from accepting blame. Instead, it means first facing your feelings of guilt or anger. Admitting these emotions to yourself releases the power they had over you previously while they remained hidden secrets. Your self-candor will lead you to the understanding that you didn’t do anything bad, because nothing wrong can happen in God’s universe.

Today, forgive yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do. Release the illusion of blame or self-contempt.Since you’re 100 percent love, just like your Creator, you’re only capable of cherishing yourself.

Thought for Today

I release any judgment toward myself as i view myself through the lens of love. I have compassion for myself, knowing that I am always doing the best I can. God’s universe is perfect, now and always.

October 16 - Know That You Can Never Ask for Too Much

We angels notice that at times you worry about asking for too much. You wonder if it’s selfish or wrong to request help with material prosperity, healings, or the co-called small things in life. Today we’d like to address any fears that could cause you to hesitate in asking and accepting our assistance.

This is a completely abundant universe, containing endless possibilities and the potential for every experience. There’s no lack of supply, so even receiving could never take away from other people, or prevent them from enjoying abundance.

We’re unlimited beings, just as you are. We have all the time in the universe to help you - so never worry that you’re bothering us with your requests or prayers. Our purpose is to support you.

Thought for Today

I can ask my angels for as much help as i desire. My angels are happy to assist me continuously, as this is an unlimited universe with an infinite supply for me and everyone else. I am willing to receive the gifts and support that heaven offers me.

October 15 - Trust That We're With You Right Now

There’s never a time when you are alone, as we angels stand beside you continuously, watching over all your moments. We’re even with you while you sleep, as well as when you drive, work, eat, shop, love, argue, bargain, create, rest, and during every other activity. You can engage our assistance anytime you desire. We’re also happy to give you reminders of our presence so that you remember to request our help - just ask.

We read these words alongside you right now. If you want, pause for a moment an d specifically tune in to our presence. You’ll know that we’re here by the warm feeling you sense in your heart - that’s the love we forever end your way.

You’re always bathing in Divine caring, even when you’re unaware of it. You’re much like an unborn baby who isn’t conscious of the source of nourishment supplied by the umbilical cord, but your connection to heaven, which constantly feeds you, can never be broken.

Today, do your best to remember our constant presence by your side. The more you ask for our help, the more we’ll be able to deliver it to you.

Thought for Today

I am eternally connected to heaven. My angels are always by my side, ready to help any way I ask. I accept their aid now, knowing that I deserve assistance, just as everyone else does. I am always bathed in Divine love.

October 14 - Be Colorful

There’s no safety or advantage in blending in with the scenery. Your colorful side is much more fun and energizing for you and the people around you, so express this part of you today. Dress in bright hues; eat colorful foods; and display your vibrant nature by telling jokes, playing, having fun, and just being yourself.

Your glow inspires others to relax and be themselves. God created a wide variety of shades in nature, each of which carries a different and vital vibration. When you express yourself authentically, you emit a higher attractive rainbow of energy.

Thought for Today

I allow myself to be colorful. I enjoy being my authentic self, and my bright nature inspires others. My beautiful colors shine radiantly.

October 13 - Spread Your Wings and Soar

You have so many gifts to share with the world, beginning with your very presence on the planet. As the embodiment of God’s love, you bring healing just by virtue of being alive … yet you’re itching to spread your wings and soar even higher. You want to experience the glow of joy and fulfillment more often. You long to feel free, unencumbered by the weight of worrying about money and other material issues. You’d like to devote your time purely to activities that make your heart sing.

The truth is that when you do occupy yourself with joyful pursuits, the energy involved elevates you like a bird catching a thermal updraft. Whether that activity directly pays you money isn’t the point.

the residual benefits of your happiness are like a red carpet rolled out for new opportunities, friendships, business connections, and abundance. Those who are content are considered “lucky,” but joy is the magnet that draws more of the same to you.

Invest in your happiness today by devoting time to your favorite leisurely pursuits. Remember that these activities are fruitful because they support you in spreading your wings.

Thought for Today

I give myself permission to spend time on pleasurable activities, When my heart is filled with gladness, my life takes on magical new qualities. I deserve joy - and when I’m happy, everyone around me benefits.

October 12 - Acknowledge That you Do Everything Right

How would your life be different if you knew that everything you did was foolproof and you could never make mistakes? Would you relax your mind and more enthusiastically pursue your dreams? Would you be happier and more secure?

We angels are here to share with you a spiritual truth: You can’t commit an error - al that you do is right.

In the universal sense, everything that God made is perfect, and that includes you. Since you’re an extension of the Creator, then everything you do is also flawless. Human judgments may hold that both Divine and mortal creations are imperfect, but that doesn’t change the spiritual fact of their perfection. Often human reason can’t see the big picture that ties everything together in a logical way.

All that you do comes from God, because the Divine is all that exists. How could there be error in this creation?

Today, relax in the knowledge that your every decision and action is underwritten by the Creator’s guarantee of perfection. All experiences bring growth, love, peace, and healing in the end, so you can’t make a mistake.

Thought for Today

I do everything right. I release any worries or cares about my decisions or actions to God and the angels. I feel good about who I am and what i do, for I accept myself just as I am.

October 11 - Connect with the Spirit of Nature

There’s a reason why spending time outside refreshes you, regardless of the weather. It’s more than air, trees, and sunshine; it’s the free spirit=permeating the great outdoors that revives you, a force that’s the very breath of nature.

This energy has a cleansing effect. A simple walk outside will remove any stale residue from stress, arguments, worry, and other emotional pollutants. The spirit of Mother Nature lovingly replaces lower energies with her higher vibration - it’s similar to a laser beam zapping unwanted elements.

Today, connect with this spirit by going outside. Nature is everywhere, including city streets, so you don’t need to delay this Divine assignment until you have time to drive to the countryside. These benefits are present wherever there’s a direct connection to the atmosphere.

Step outside today, breathe deeply and connect with the spirit of nature.

Thought for Today

I spend time outdoors. When I go out, I connect with the powerful and healing spirit of nature, and I allow it to cleanse and lift my energy. Spending time this way is a gift that i regularly give to myself.

October 10 - Know That You're Lovable Just as You Are Right Now

You don’t need to change to earn God’s love - you’ve always been s=cherished and adored just for who you are. Everything about you is lovable.

of course, your compassionate and kind behavior is valued, but please know that you’re appreciated no matter how you act. The more you can hold this kind of acceptance toward yourself, the more you’ll relax and enjoy your experiences.

Life isn’t about winning the approval or other people’s egos … it’s about accepting the blessing that the egoless Spirit always extends to you. The former is a goal that can never be attained, and the latter has already been achieved.

Today, relax in the knowledge that we angels love you just as you are right now. Let fo of any tension about yourself, and enjoy the gifts of today.

Thought for Today

I am loved just as I am right now, for God and the angels always value me unconditionally. I let down my guard and allow ,yself to feel at peace, knowing that I am lovable for being myself.

October 9 - Enjoy Harmonious Relationships

You only experience difficulties in relationships when you fight the ultimate direction that they’re headed. Each one sails along a different course, much like a ship upon the sea.

Ultimately, it’s not about where you land at the end of the voyage; It’s about the interactions among the parties involved along the way. The most fruitful journeys occur when the crew members are heart centered and honest with one another.

Harmonious relationships are founded on mutual honesty, in a setting where both parties feel safe to share their feelings. When you genuinely open up to one another, you then know that you’re loves for who you really are.

Arguments occur when either person feels afraid or unsafe and becomes defensive, either verbally or through actions. We angels can help you create an atmosphere by infusing love energy into both your hearts to aid you in selecting words that are kind and mutually respectful. Caring is the most powerful protective agent as you share your honest feelings with one another … this is how you bond and love.

Thought for Today

My relationships are harmonious and loving. It is safe for me to be honest with myself and others. All my interactions are infused with caring, and I feel closet to people when I let them know who I really am.

October 8 - Heed Your Calling

Your Divine life purpose is calling you, asking you to breathe life into it. As the perfect child of the Creator, you have this capability of infusing life into a potential situation.

Your calling is the activity or career that you frequently daydream about. You wonder about what your life would be like if you were to commit to it. This is called the “potential phase",” and is similar to holding an uninflated balloon.

When you investigate your pathway by reading about it, taking classes on the subject. or talking to other people in the field, you’re partially inflating the balloon with your life force. This is when the calling becomes stronger - the more energy you put into it, the more forceful it becomes. Pretty soon you can no longer ignore it.

Heed your calling today, allowing yourself to fully recognize your desire to take up a journey such as a career, project, or volunteer activity. The more you invest your energy in this aspiration, the more life it takes on … until it finally shifts from dream to reality.

Thought for Today

I am honest with myself about my deepest dreams related to a career, volunteer work, or project. I heed my inner calling and investigate putting my dreams into action by reading, taking classes, or talking to someone about my topic i=of interest. I deserve to live a fulfilling life.