December 11 - Let Ideas Come to You

The universal mind has infinite ideas that you can always tap into. You receive them in response to a question that you’ve posed to the universe with a clear and quiet awareness. Today, ask Spirit about any topic that you need help or guidance with. You can think your question or voice it aloud.

Sometime today, sit quietly and notice the ideas that come to mind after each query. All that you need to do to hear the answers is spend time listening in silence. These ideas are given to you from the universe. You’re qualified and ready to act on them, and all of creation fully supports you doing so.

Thought for Today

I open my mind to the answers that the universe shares with me, and I easily receive brilliant new ideas. I act upon them in partership with Spirit,.

December 10 - Trust Your Decisions

There’s a decision that you’ve wondered about, and you wrestle with yourself regarding the pros and cons of each side of it. You already know which direction you’re leaning toward, yet you fear the unforeseen negative consequences of your choice.

We angels are here today to help you make peace with your decision. Resolve not to think about the various options that you’re grappling with, shelving the entire topic right now. During this incubation period, your mind is more relaxed and open to the creative Divine input that you’ve prayed to receive.

Let go of any sense of strain. The more you ease your mind about the issue, the clearer and more apparent your choice becomes. At that point, it’s not even a decision - the answer is so obvious to you that it becomes an awakening.

Thought for Today

I peacefully open my mind to the creative input of Spirit. I easily make the right decision for myself and m,y loved ones. My thinking is clear and focused, and I know exactly what’s needed.

December 9 - Trust That Your Loved Ones Are safe

Give us angels any concerns or worries about your loved ones, and know that they’re truly safe. We’re guarding them with God’s infinite care and wisdom, and your love also ensures their protection.

Nothing can harm a being who’s created by the Divine, as the soul is eternally happy, healthy, and alive. We watch over the people you care about - just as you and God asked - and we send blessings and guidance to them ll along the way.

Continue with your beautiful prayers for your loved ones’ well-being. Trust that they’re spectacularly well cared for each and every moment, safely cradled in heaven’s tender embrace.

Thought for Today

I now give God and the angels any cares or worries I may have about my loved ones. I trust heaven to watch over them, knowing that my prayers for their health. happiness, and safety are always heard and answered.

December 8 - Embrace Happiness

You needn’t strive or struggle for happiness, as it’s your natural state of being. God is entirely joyful, and as the Creator’s offspring, you share this eternal trait. You only seem to be down when you turn away from the light and stare into the illusion of darkness. Look toward the radiant Source today; focus on the Divine in all that you think, say, and do; and know that all is well.

Happiness is your natural state of being - in fact, it dwells inside of you right now. To reveal and enjoy it, simply be honest with yourself and others. We angels will lend you the courage and strength to do so, if you ask for our assistance.

You have the right to be happy, just as all of God’s children do. The Creator’s will for everyone is joy, and our assignment is to put this into action. Today, allow us to help you feel the contentment that is your birthright and spiritual essence.

Thought for Today

I am happy in truth, now and always. I am honest with myself and others. When I am my authentic self, I naturally feel lighthearted. It is safe and right for me to feel joyful.

December 7 - Trust That Your Prayers Are Being Answered

Although you may not see the results, your prayers are being answered. The universe is currently working behind the scenes on your behalf, and the manifestation of your desire is imminent.

Your role in the meantime is to maintain faith and follow your inner guidance: the rest is up to God and us angels. We’re very happy to work to support you in the name of love and peacefulness. As you ascend in happiness, We’re elevated right along with you, so is it any wonder that we work diligently to boost your joy?

God’s will is radiated like beams of the sun, ensuring elation for all. As we guide you along the warm pathways of love, your answered prayers spring up before you like flowers.

Thought for Today

All my prayers are heard and answered. I trust and have faith that they’re manifesting into form right now. I release any worries or fears to God and the angels, for I trust Spirit to perfectly take care of all the details.

December 6 - Walk Through Open Doors

Every door of opportunity is open to you right now - there’s nothing that you’re barred or blocked from. The question is which one you wish to enter, since it’s entirely your choice.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by having too many options available, or may question your ability to walk through a particular door. Today we angels will help you see the possibilities that are open to you, lending you the clarity and courage to enter the dreams that you desire. Give us any fears, questions, or reservations about this process.

Sometimes moving forward means leaving something behind. We’ll safely guide and support you through this change.

Thought for Today

Wonderful doors of opportunity are open for me now. I can do, be. or have anything that I decide on. My angels help me have clarity and courage to change my life in positive ways. I face my life transitions with faith in heaven.

December 5 - Enjoy Eternal Love

The affection that you’ve shared with another person or animal is a bond that can never be broken. Even in relationships that later soured, the love remains intact - it brought you together for a purpose. The caring that you shared created a magic that lifts you both up eternally, even after the relationship is over.

Love is an everlasting energy that can never dissipate, but will grow and take innumerable forms. Today, ride on the crest of the wave where this emotion has elevated you. Give thanks for the affection that you’ve shared in every relationship … it is a sacred and lasting gift from God.

Thought for Today

I am supported by all the love in the universe. My bonds are eternal; nothing and no one can break them or take them away from me. I am always cherished, and I bless the times that I have shared with my loved ones.

December 4 - Celebrate Your New Beginnings

This is a time of positive change for you. It’s important to focus on what’s coming up, instead of worrying about what you’re letting go of. You’re in a growth cycle, so you may feel overwhelmed as many life lessons come at you at once. However, know that things are starting to calm down for you now.

Today, we angels want to herald and celebrate the new beginnings in your life! You’re venturing into uncharted water, so it’s natural to feel nervous or even afraid. We’re holding your hand through each step, and we won’t let you fall. It’s safe for you to move forward - just keep checking in with your inner guidance, which is the system of communication directly connected to the Divine.

Recast any nervousness into feelings of excitement about all the wonderful possibilities that lie before you. You’re on the threshold of spectacular new opportunities that will enrich your life in undreamed of ways.

Celebrate your new beginnings today, beloved one. They’re the start of something wondrous and beautiful.

Thought for Today

I bless my future and know that it is safe and wonderful. I am excited about all the beautiful new opportunities and possibilities that are open to me. I step forward with the faith that God and the angels continuously walk beside me, and I celebrate my new beginnings today.

December 3 - Know That Your Divine Power Works Perfectly

As a child of God, you inherited spiritual gifts from your Creator, and they work perfectly all the time. Since your power is an extension of God, there could never be a time when it’s blocked or reduced - it’s always radiating at full intensity, ready to be harnessed.

Your power puts your thoughts, feelings, and wishes into action. Since it’s just like a laser beam, you must be cautious about where it’s pointed. Use care in selecting only thoughts that mirror your heart’s desires, and don’t put energy into fears, lest you manifest them into form.

You’re Divinely guided in all that you do with your God-given gift. Today, use it to amplify your caring thoughts and feelings. In a single day, you can greatly increase the amount of love that you experience in your life. Your heavenly power can magnify anything for you, so allow it to be directed toward love.

Thought for Today

My Divine power is always operating perfectly, for it springs directly from God. I aim it toward the magnification and manifestation of my loving desires. It is safe for me to be powerful.

December 2 - Bless Your Past

Your prior experiences and relationships have given you many gifts of wisdom, learning, strength, patience, and the like. Now is the time to make peace with your past and know that everything happened for a beautifully Divine reason. Have no regrets about what’s occurred, for it makes you the wonderful person you are today.

Bless your past and anything within it that you feel needs healing. Whatever weighs on your mind and body will benefit from your loving intentions today. +

Send healing energy to your life - in every direction of time. Honor your mother, father, and anyone else who comes to mind from your personal history. The more blessings you bestow upon your past, the more gifts you’ll receive in the present.

Thought for Today

I send blessings to everyone and everything in my past. I benefit fro all that I’ve ever experienced. What I’ve gone through has given me wonderful lessons and made me who I am today. I now release my past to God.