April 25 - Create or Tend to Your Altar

It's important to have personal space where you can pray and meditate. This doesn't need to be a formal location, just someplace where you feel comfortable and can close your eyes without distraction. It can even be the corner of a room used for other purposes.

Creating an altar in this sacred space will inspire you to meditate. Us a flat surface - a tabletop, for example, or a shelf - on which you can place objects that have meaning for you or inspire peaceful feelings. You may want to include items representing nature, such as feathers, shells, or crystals. It serves as a focal point for prayer and meditation, and over time it becomes imbued with deeply spiritual energy.

Begin making your altar today. If you already have one, tend to it by reviewing the things that it holds. Do you feel guided to remove any of these items, or place new ones on it? As you work with your altar, notice the feelings that it awakens in you. Connect with it as you would a dear old friend, and it will serve you loyally each day,.

Thought for Today

I make the time to create (or tend to) my altar, which is my special niche for prayer time and contemplation. It's a place where I can let go, expose all my true feelings to Spirit, and honor my Divine path.

April 24 - Light a Candle

There are wonderful reasons why candles have been used in spiritual ceremonies since ancient times. Their light uplifts the energy and senses of everyone who sees them and is much closer to natural sunlight than artificial illumination in most homes and offices. This is one explanation for why looking at a candle is energizing, much like spending time in the bright outdoors can be.

Candlelight sparks the imagination, so stare into a flame as a focal point for meditation and visualization. You can also light candles to celebrate or commemorate something, since they serve whatever purpose you set for them.

Today, light a candle with heartfelt intention. As you place the flame of a match to the wick, think of your intention (such as someone's health, world peace, prosperity, and so forth). Light as many of them as you have aims, and look at each one while holding prayers for what you want. As you extinguish the flame later, be sure to thank the candle for its support.

Thought for Today

I light a candle and connect with the brightness within my prayers. This sacred light inside me is reflected in the mirror of the dancing flame. 

April 23 - Take Your Time

You have become so accustomed to rushing to meet all of your responsibilities that it's almost an ingrained habit to go fast. Yet scurrying from one task to the next doesn't win any contests or engender peace of mind - rather, it keeps your focus on the future, instead of on enjoying the present moment.

Reading this message is one way that you're taking good care of yourself. You're nourishing your soul and creating healthful new outlooks, but we angels want you to make more of an effort to move less quickly throughout the day.

Accomplishing what you need to and taking your time aren't mutually exclusive activities. You can get a lot more done when your energy and mood are soaring with the vigor that comes from enjoying yourself. This happiness is built on noticing the beautiful, funny, and poignant features of your day - and that requires taking your time so that these details become clear.

You can also ask others to help you with your needs and responsibilities, and that includes requesting assistance from us. Enjoy your time today!

Thought for Today

I rake my time and approach my day with wonder and delight, noticing the rich fabric of each moment. It's okay for me to slow down, as I can accomplish all that I need to at a leisurely pace.

April 22 - Heal Disagreements

Not everyone is going to agree with your choices or the way that you handle situations.  When someone takes issue with you, you may feel sad, angry, confused, or betrayed. You probably wonder why he or she thinks so very differently from the way you do. You may even question your own decision and wonder if the other person is right.

This situation is a demonstration that although all people share the same spirit and light on the inside, everyone is unique in human terms. Liking or loving someone comes from focusing on the similarities between you, which can sometimes blind you to noticing the contrasts.

Yet in every relationship, there will be occasional differences of opinion. It's not the disputes that matter, but the way you handle them. If you can have the grace to accept that another person thinks differently from you, then you've come a long way on the spiritual path of learning and growing.

Healing occurs within you first, and then spreads to the relationship. No matter what the other person does, stay true to your own Divinity. Your spiritual growth doesn't depend on changing people; rather, it involves learning to see the light within others, no matter what.

Thought for Today

I stay centered in peaceful love during my dealings with other people. I commit to seeing the inner light within myself and everyone else. I am wiling to accept that others are different from me, and I love myself for who I am right now.

April 21 - Honor Your Sensitivity

You respond deeply to different energies, and you may have been confused about whether you were feeling someone else's emotions or your own. Sometimes life seems so intense that you even try to shut down your awareness. In other words, you're sensitive.

Today, we ask you to honor this quality as a gift to you and the world. Your acute awareness enables you to detect truth and integrity in relationships, as well as feel joy and love very deeply. your receptiveness also helps you communicate clearly with us angels. You sense our presence and messages in your gut feelings. In addition, you take great care with other people's emotions - you're extra thoughtful, kind, and aware.

Thought for Today

I honor my sensitivity and trust that it brings great blessings to others and myself. I cherish my special awareness and care for it with loving protection, for it's a gift to myself and the world, and helps me achieve my life purpose.

April 20 - Erase Guilt from Your Consciousness

When you do something for another person out of a sense of guilt or obligation, you end up resenting that individual. The feeling robs you of the joy that you'd normally feel while helping someone else ... it's a blinder that blocks the light within your relationship.

That's why we angels are working with you today to erase guilt from your consciousness. This emotion differs from a sense of responsibility, which is based on caring feelings. The key is to help others from a place of love, not out of obligation, because the former is lighthearted, while the latter is drudgery. Which do you think is healthier for you and the relationship?

Before you do anything that you don't want to, stop for a brief moment and ask for help. We can lift your mindset to a level of love sop that you'll either find a comfortable alternative to performing the task or be able to accomplish it with a joyful heart.

Thought for Today

I remember that I do not need to do anything because of guilt or fear. I ask my angels to help me if I ever feel resentment or dread when facing a task. They adjust my thinking, my emotions, and the entire situation so that what I do is a perfect demonstration of love.

April 19 - Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

Everyone needs acknowledgement and praise. We angels continuously bestow our positive words upon you, but you may not hear or believe them without a human voice acknowledging your efforts, too.

The recognition you need the most comes from yourself. When others praise you, it feels good ... yet you may not completely accept it. A part of you distances yourself from the flattery, afraid of the power and energy behind the words. That's why it's doubly important for you to acknowledge yourself.

Today, give yourself a little pat on the back and say, "Good job!' for something that you've recently accomplished. What you're honoring could be a very minor thing, but remember that every large achievement consists of many such tiny actions. If you praise yourself for each of these small steps, you'll feel more enthusiastic about taking the next one.

Thought for Today

I pat myself on the back and congratulate myself for all that I've done. I deserve praise, because even if my sights are set on climbong higher mountains, it's important for me to ackowledge how far I've come. I thank myself for getting through the tough times and for enjoying the easy ones.

April 18 - Shine Your Light Brightly

When you truly express your true self, your inner light beams brightly, showing joy through laughter, song, dance, playfulness, and connection to others. Allow this part of you to come out today - your radiance may illuminate someone else's path and provide inspiration during a period of darkness.

Shine brightly today, Earth angel. Use your light to guide another person.

Thought for Today

I allow my inner light to shine and express my joyful feelings through smiles, laughter, and spontaneity. I let myself dance or sing if I feel like it, knowing that my brightness uplifts and illuminates others and helps me appreciate myself.

April 17 - Know Your Future Is Safe

We angels see that you often worry about your future, so today we bring you the reassurance that everything is fine: There's nothing coming up that you can't handle. We hold your hand through each moment of time, moving forward into what lies ahead.

We also remind you to cast your positive thoughts into the future, for its being designed by the feelings you hold this very moment. Give us your cares and worries about tomorrow, and put your entire focus on having a peaceful today. Your present tranquility is an investment in your future that yields beautiful returns.

By surrounding you with our love, we can help you trade in frightening thoughts for ones that make you feel happy and safe. But in order to really connect with our support, you'll need to allow it into your heart. The best way to do so is with your breath, so please inhale all of the loving energy around you, and draw it into your core. Then keep giving yourself a hug, and exhale away any feelings of tension. Keep calling upon us until you feel calm and secure about what is to come.

Everything really is always okay - the more you know and feel this truth, the more you experience it. It's safe for you to feel at peace now ... and in the future.

Thought for Today

I drop my guard and allow myself to relax with the sure and certain knowledge that my future is as bright as i want it to be. I now commit to holding my thoughts at the clear, high energy level of love. Angels. please help me embrace this feeling today and always.


April 16 - Wave Your Magic Wand

You probably wished many times that you had a wand that you could wave to improve life for yourself and others. We angels would like to introduce you to the magic that you've always had in your possession: love.

When you entirely surround your circumstances with this emotion in all of its guises - gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, peace, and so forth - you've waved a magic wand that can heal any imbalance or ill. If you ask, We can help you reach this state of mind, heart, and body. We'll join with your energy to infuse the situation with the magic of Divine love.

Thought for Today

I surround this situation with love, waving my magic wand to transform and heal it completely right now. My warm thoughts, words, and feelings are the greatest magic of all!