November 16 - Recapture Wonder and Awe

Children naturally see the world through innocent eyes. They’re delighted and entertained by their environment, and this sense of wonder and awe doesn’t have to fade with time. You can become entranced with your life simply by stating that this is your intention.

Boredom occurs because of the belief that repeated stimuli become uninteresting. You find things dull when your life seems static and routine. Yet everything is always changing in the physical world: Colors, lighting, and other nuances are constantly shifting. It’s impossible for anything to stay the same on Earth due to the function of time - this is the opposite of the realm of Spirit, which stays identical throughout eternity.

By training your senses to sek out these subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) alterations and differences, you recapture some of your youthful excitement about life. Today, notice the rich variations that run through every experience.

Thought for Today

I am filled with wonder and delight. I notice the subtle details and variations within my surroundings. When I open my eyes to the beauty of life, I am always able to see it. My heart is open to wonderful new experiences.

November 15 - Know That you're Qualified

At times your ego tries to dissuade you from pursuing your spiritual purpose and practices. If you were to listen to this voice, yo’d feel disheartened and confused about yourself and the meaning of your life. Today we angels will work with you to lower the volume of the ego. You have the ability to tune out the sound of fear and focus on the universal voice of love.

The first step is to recognize negative messages as they occur. You can do this by noticing your physical reaction to distressing thoughts. When your muscles tighten and you feel tense, this is a sign of your ego’s interference. Divine intervention, in contrast, leaves you feeling blissful, safe, and lighthearted.

Once your body signals that it’s been affected by your ego, the next step is to realize that love prevails over all fear. You already know this, yet you can forget such a basic truth in the face of conflict. Call upon us to remind you of your powerful Divine nature, which drives all negative emotions away.

You’re qualified to perform the job that you came to Earth to do. You have monumental skills and talents you inherited directly from God, the Creator. Enjoy these abilities, as they’re gifts from heaven.

Thought for Today

I am qualified to fulfill my purpose, and I am making a positive difference in this world. The universe fully supports my Divine life mission.

November 14 - Hold Yourself in High Esteem

We angels sometimes watch you struggle with feelings that you’re not liked or loved. We want you to know that although this is a universal concern among humans, it’s not based in reality. The truth is that you are likeable and lovable. People do appreciate you … and you know that we cherish and adore you.

If you ever feel alone, misunderstood, or unloved, stop and call upon us to help you. We’ll immediately send extra doses of caring Divine energy to fuel you.

You’re love itself and can never be apart from your spiritual source. You’re eternally wrapped in our wings - which is an expression of God’s magnificent reverence for you. Hold yourself in high esteem, for you’re truly worthy of all the great affection that heaven bestows upon you.

Thought for Today

I am lovable. People like me for who I am, and I deserve affection. I open my heart to give and receive caring energy.

November 13 - Be Lighthearted

A happy heart is healthy, both physically and emotionally. There’s no such thing as being “overjoyed",” since everyone contains unlimited amounts of happiness. However, we angels have noticed that some people distrust feeling pleasure, and that is what we’d like to focus on today.

Contentment is the safest state of being because it’s the most natural one. When you’re joyful, you’re truly being yourself - it’s an act of being lighthearted, which means bringing “light” into your “heart.” You do this by visualizing breathing in healing energy, by sending love to another person (including someone in the spirit world), or by thinking carefree thoughts.

Throughout the day, hold the intention of being lighthearted, consciously drawing God’s illumination into your core. Allow this radiance to feed and nourish your soul. Emit it wherever you go through your eyes, breath, and the words you speak so that everyone will receive the gift of joy.

Thought for Today

I’m a lighthearted person. Every word i speak exudes healing love energy. My heart is happy and healthy, for i am a messenger of light.

November 12 - Enjoy Clear Focus and Thinking

Your mind works perfectly. You’re intelligent, wise, and able to focus and concentrate at will. All your mental gifts stem from the fact that you’re linked with the infinite wisdom of the Creator, Who made and knows everything in the universe.

Your mind is always working, even when it appears to be asleep or at rest - it gathers information from the ether and your physical surroundings. You can ask it any question, and i will always deliver an accurate response. You know much more than you’re consciously aware of.

Today, enjoy your special wisdom. Ask yourself questions throughout the day and listen to the answers. The more you’re aware of your mental gifts, the better they’ll serve you.

Thought for Today

I am able to clearly focus and concentrate at will, for my mind is sharp and alert. I am a brilliant thinker, eternally linked to the most powerful computer network or all: God’s mind.

November 11 - Release Fear and Indecision

There’s nothing to fear. This emotion is merely an echo reverberating from the far reaches of your memory, from the time when the human ego tried to separate from God. Of course, such a feat could never be accomplished, so the decision was made to create “race-minded consciousness” to diminish awareness of the Divine.In other words, a mass amnesia about love occurred in an attempt to mimic independence from heaven. This is when free will was born.

The way out of this trap is to always remember that you’re one with God and everyone else. This simple yet profound fact will remind you that every fear is based on illusion … so affirm your oneness with heaven often today. Feel the tension leave your body and consciousness as you recognize the spiritual truth within yourself and every situation.

Thought for Today

I am one with God and all others; I am one with Divine love. I now release any fear or indecision to heaven.

November 10 - Enjoy Unwavering Faith

You already know the importance of staying filled with faith as far as manifestations and healings are concerned. We angels are here today to teach you some methods to gather and boost your power of belief.

Faith is the ability to stay focused on love no matter what, trusting it to bring about wonderful solutions and miracles. This belief counts on love to provide all the answers. Distrust, on the other hand, is the opposite: It makes you believe that you have to do everything by yourself; and all things in life are won through struggling, worrying, and competing. Of the two feelings, which do you believe is happier and healthier?

Remember that when you ask for a prayer to be answered. you can also request to have your faith elevated.

Thought for Today

I ask God and the angels to boost my ability to believe. I am willing to trust love to meet my needs. I now choose the powerful life of one who is filled with faith.

November 9 - Do Something Nice for Yourself

You’re always doing considerate things for others, both loved ones and strangers alike. Today, give yourself some caring treatment - do something nice for yourself. You already know what it is you’d like; the first thing that entered your mind as you read this paragraph.

Perhaps you want to buy a special gift that you’ve been longing for, or make some time for some pampering treatments. Whatever you do, your inner self always appreciates loving attention. The form that you self-care is secondary; what’s most important is simply the fact that you’re being kind to yourself. You deserve it.

Thought for Today

I treat myself with love and respect. I’m in charge of my schedule, and I’m generous with myself. I deserve the same affection and care as everyone else.

November 8 - Savor the Sweetness of Life

Your life is meant to bring you sweet enjoyment, even as you’re fulfilling your purpose and other responsibilities. Joy doesn’t just come during moments of leisure - much of your greatest satisfaction occurs when you’re performing a service to someone else.

You can enjoy more sweetness simply by noticing it. The rich texture of your relationships and the fine details of humor, drama, playfulness, love, and and so forth are all a part of your wonderful life.

Play a game with yourself today, seeing how much delight you can extract from every situation. Find the richness within each interaction and experience that you have. Savor the sweetness that today (and every day) brings you.

Thought for Today

I notice and enjoy how sweet my life is. I count my blessings and am grateful for what I have. Like a good movie, my life is cast with wonderfully lovable characters (including me). I enjoy my experiences.

November 7 - Hold On to Your Dreams

Your dreams, goals, ambitions, and intentions are very personal. They belong to you because they are part of your soul’s path. Only you know what your heart and spirit are guiding you to do and become.

No matter what circumstances arise in your life, how you feel about yourself, or what other people say and do, you must hold on to your dreams. They’re an essential component of why you were incarnated on Earth at this time - they’re part of you, as well as the building blocks of your creations.

Today, embrace your desires. Revive them if you haven’t thought about them for awhile, and ask us angels to help you put them into action. We’ll open doors for you, and even motivate you to walk through them.

Thought for Today

I hold on to my dreams no matter what, for they are my personal destiny. I only need my own permission to follow them. I am fully supported by God and the angels, and my happiness brings positive healing energy to the world.