September 20 - Know That Everything Always Works Out

You’ve had past experiences where you worried about the outcome, yet in the end everything turned put fine. Your current situation will also resolve itself perfectly, so relax your body and mind, knowing that there’s nothing to fear.

God has never let you down in the past and won’t do so in the future. Although the universe can’t violate your free will if you choose to travel down a rocky path, love always surrounds you and everyone else. This cushions every experience and helps you always see the Divine order within all things.

Every episode of your life has helped you become stronger, wiser, more patient, and more evolved. Your current situation is also an opportunity to bring more light into your world … everything will work out fine. In the meantime, inhale deeply, and on the exhale, give any worries to God.

Thought for Today

I trust that my current situation will resolve itself just as beautifully as my past experiences have. In truth, everything is already worked out right now. I give my worries or fears to God and the angels, for only love is real.

September 19 - Take One Step at a Time

Every goal and change is accomplished one step at a time. We see your wonderful aspirations and desires, and we applaud you for reaching so high! We urge you to continue along the path toward the realization of your dreams. Just remember that any road is traveled one step at a time.

Keep your focus centered on the current step you’re taking. Don’t worry about the ones you’ll take next week, month, or year. They’ll take care of themselves as you approach that time.

Put all your intention into making your present moment a magnificent one. It doesn’t matter if it seems insignificant - just keep in mind that even the smallest actions propel you forward.

Thought for Today

I bless and nurture the current step that I’m taking toward the realization of my big dreams. I put my full attention and intention into each forward movement. I focus on the now, enjoying each action that I take along the path toward my manifestations.

September 18 - Move Through Life Changes

The manifestations of your desires very often involves life changes. The old sometimes has to fall away to make room for the new. Your spiritual path has created a cushion around you, ensuring that the changes you make will be for the better.

Welcome novelty! It’s the same energy as a beautiful sunrise on a perfect spring morning. The changes that you’re encountering are answered prayers, even though you may not yet be able to see them that way.

We angels are with you throughout these transitions, holding your hand during every step. You can always ask us for guidance, courage, and directions at any time.

Thought for Today

My life changes take me in positive new directions. The angels are with me every step of the way, and I am open to receiving their help, guidance, and protection. I am excited about fresh possibilities on my path.

September 17 - Ask for What You Want

It’s part of your human spiritual-growth process to have dreams, and there’s no shame in desiring something. The manifestation process allows you to your God-given creative abilities.

Everything you have in your life is a product of your own wishes, including the seemingly undesirable elements. This is pointed out not to blame you, but to honor your incredible power to attract anything you hold within your consciousness.

Today, ask for what you really want. Allow yourself to be outrageous in requesting and expecting your true desires to be fulfilled. Call upon God, us angels, and other people for the things that you wish for.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how often the universe says yes to you - and all you had to do was ask!

Thought for Today

I ask for my wishes to be fulfilled. I admit my deepest desires to myself and others. It is safe for me to ask for what I want and receive it.

September 16 - Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Your spirit is one with God and everyone else, yet in the physical world, you have unique qualities and talents in support of your personal life purpose.

Sometimes you feel at odds with other people - and you even feel alienated and misunderstood occasionally. Those are the times when you begin to question your self-worth. We angels are here to assure you that your differences don’t mean that anything’s wrong with you … they’re just part of your natural variation.

Today, celebrate your uniqueness. The more that you own your singular qualities, the more at ease you feel with yourself and others. The characteristics that people find most appealing is that sense of being comfortable in your own skin.

You don’t need to change to fit in or belong. Celebrate being who you are!

Thought for Today

I am lovable for who I am. I have wonderful friends who like and respect me, and I am vey much cherished. I celebrate my unique qualities.

September 15 - Heal Regrets

Any regrets that you have about yourself or your past can be healed in order to help lighten your energy mood, and outlook. Today we’ll help you remove heavy coverings of guilt, shame, and regret.

The first thing you must know is that it’s impossible for you to interfere with God’s perfection. The love that’s everywhere is constant and invulnerable. No one can interrupt infinite caring of the Divine, which exists in all people and things.

The only thing that needs healing is the illusion that you could bring anything but love to this planet - this emotion is who you are. As long as you carry hurtful feelings of regret in your mind or heart, you create a false sense of pain for yourself and those around you. Today, switch off this dark impression of guilt and shame, and return to the light of understanding your spiritual truth and origin. This is forgiveness: first of yourself, and then spreading to all others.

Thought for Today

I let go illusions of pain or suffering. I am forever God’s guiltless child, and I now forgive myself for what I think I did or didn’t do. My heart and mind are at peace.

September 14 - Expect the Best

Your expectations determine what you see and experience. If you anticipate problems, that’s what you’ll focus on and that’s what yo’ll see. If you look forward to success, being attuned to this will lead you to see and experience it.

Your expectations are the steering wheel that determines the direction that you’ll go. Hope for the best, and notice how positive your experiences are as a result.

Approach the day with the thought: Everyone deserves the best. All people have greatness inside of them. I see and expect wonderful things, and that is what I experience.

If you find yourself veering from this course at any time, simply stop, take a breath, and reset your compass toward a positive outcome. You’re as strong as any human who’s ever lived, and your bright outlook is very powerful. Anticipate good things today, and enjoy the rewards of this choice.

Thought for Today

I expect the best and I deserve it - all people do. It’s safe for me to have high expectations for myself. When I win, everybody does.

September 13 - Honor Your Inner Wisdom

You have wisdom inside of you, which springs directly from God’s well of infinite knowledge. Your ideas come from exactly the same place as the wisest of all humans who have ever lived on this planet. You have access to the same Source as everyone else.

We angels ask you to honor and trust your inner knowing today. You can see the best path for yourself, even if those around you don’t understand it. Your insight is uniquely suited to your own situation, rather than other people’s opinions.

If you’re unsure about your ideas, you can always ask us angels for signs confirming that you’re on the right track. The more you follow your own wisdom, the more opportunities you’ll have to develop trust in God within, which is the basis for true happiness.

Thought for Today

I trust my inner knowledge, Which is one with the Divine universal wisdom. I know what’s best for me. I listen to other people’s opinions, yet always honor my own guidance, for I am very wise.

September 12 - Trade Worry for Faith

If you think back to the times when you’ve worried, you’ll see how these fears never materialized. In truth, there never was - and never will be - anything that merits being anxious, because the time, energy, and emotions spent on worrying far exceed any actual issues that could arise.

Today, invest your time in faith, which is a far more valuable way to spend your energy. This is the platform of freedom and happiness that allows you to enjoy yourself. Positive belief is correlated with improved physical and emotional health, and you’re at your most attractive in every way when you’re relaxed and carefree.

We angels realize that you may experience worry occasionally and we certainly don’t recommend ignoring this feeling. What we offer you as an alternative is our assistance. Since we’re right next to you continuously, it’s just a matter of handing your concerns to us. We, in turn, transmute this energy so that the kernel of love that’s behind every human emotion is revealed.

Feeling the full extent of your caring has triggered anxiety in the past. We’ll help you create a new pathway for your love, one that leads to faith.

Thought for Today

I give any worries to God and the angels. Mu loved one and I are completely safe. All my needs are provided for today and in the future, and I am filled with faith.

September 11 - Ask for a Divine Assingment

If you’d like a greater sense of meaning and purpose, begin today by praying for a heavenly assignment. Ask the Creator to give you a Divinely appointed task that’s aligned with your personal interests and talents, and then release this prayer completely to the universe, with full faith that it will be heard and answered.

The response comes in subtle ways, so you should try to notice opportunities that are offered to you, strong hunches to take action, or topics that other people repeatedly mention to you. These are all examples of the signs that point the way to your mission.

All of heaven thanks you for your willingness to be of service in bringing tranquility to the world. Ultimately, you’re the greatest beneficiary of your Divine assignment, since your giving yields great rewards for you , too.

Affirmative Prayer for Today

Dear God and angels, I ask that you give me a Divine assignment involving my natural talents and interests. I desire to be of service and to use my time in deeply meaningful ways. Please clearly guide me to where and how I can help. Thank you.