July 20 - Find Balance

An important part of your life's purpose involves making decisions about how to spend your time. With so many choices facing you, you may wonder how to achieve a balance. You feel the pressure to devote yourself to helping others, yet you hear an inner calling for self-care. You have responsibilities and duties to perform, but what about the obligation to your soul and your spiritual path?

These different demands aren't conflicting unless you believe them to be so. They actually intersect and dovetail perfectly together, one flowing into the other as the sunrise leads to the sunset. The first step in finding balance is to hold a positive mindset, so call upon us angles and use affirmations to fill your mind with healing love.

Thought for Today

My life is perfectly balanced right now. I have plenty of time for everything I desire, and I enjoy the variety of activities in my life. All of my responsibilities are met; and I can devote myself to fun, rest, and exercise.

July 19 - Find and Nurture Your Passions

There are activities and issues that make your heart sing with joy and a sense of purpose - these are your passions. You can find them by noticing the topics that interest you or that you frequently think about, and test-driving the activities that call to you. As with encountering a soul mate, you'll know when you come across the perfect passion.

Once you discover what stirs you, find time to enjoy it. Such pursuits are the sweet rewards of life, helping you locate heaven on Earth. They're a vital investment that pays huge dividends in terms of increased energy, motivation, and inspiration.

Thought for Today

I focus on my passions. I spend time thinking about the activities that I'm driven to, and I investigate and sign up for classes or groups related to them. Each week, I devote time to the enjoyment of what I love.

July 18 - Make Crystal Clear Decisions

The path to manifestation begins with a crystal clear decision about what it is that you want. Your manifestation will be unclear until you make such a determination about your desires - it's impossible not to do so, since not picking something is a choice.

You may think, Well God knows what I want and need. While heaven will give you input, decision making is a partnership. You pray and receive  that you can choose to follow, but without a clear-cut direction, you're like a driver with no destination in mind. Your decisions are your road map.

Today, make a crystal clear decision about something that you desire. It could be carrying out life improvements, supporting a cause that you believe in, or something else that you feel guides to do. You don't need to know how to reach the goal or what actions to take ... simply focus on the overarching dream. Once you do this, you'll clearly see which steps are necessary - and we angels are here for you all the way.

Thought for Today

It is safe for me to clearly decide what I want. I pray and ask for God's input with respect to my goals and desires. I follow my heart through this process, and i choose to heed my intuitive guidance.

July 17 - Uncover Your Greatest Treasure

Your greatest treasure is easy to find and open ... it's self-love. You've often heard people say that you can only care for others to the degree that you appreciate yourself. The truth underlying this statement is that loving yourself is the foundation for an open heart.

If you admire someone yet despise yourself, you won't value the affection that you give the other person. When you realize that this caring comes from God, you can feel the connection between yourself, your beloved one, and the Divine. This is what self-love is really all about: It doesn't mean believing that you're better than someone else, but rather that everything attractive you see in another person is a mirror of the beauty within yourself.

Today, focus on finding the loop of love extending from you to others, and to God.  As you notice and feel this, you uncover your greatest treasure.

Thought for Today

I have a treasure chest of Divine love inside of me now. I allow myself to cherish who I am and open up to the caring that extends from God into my heart.

July 16 - See Other People Through Angel Eyes

The human ego is annoying - that's its very nature. It irritates you because it creates friction as it attempts to dissuade you from love. This ripple in the energy field is unpleasant. 

You'll always be troubled if you pay attention to other people's egos, because you'll only notice the darkness and shadows. This focus leads to fears that goodness is a myth and you're alone and unloved. The only way out of this abyss is to view yourself and others through our angelic eyes. What you concentrate on is what you'll see, which is what you'll encounter.

If you'd like to experience a greater sense of love and feel more secure about yourself, then look past the ego. See beneath the annoying traits to the place where love and light reside within each person. Steadily gazing at this treasure chest within every individual will uncover a peacefulness that you'd long forgotten about.

Thought for Today

I focus on the love and light within others. Since the ego is annoying, I choose to put my attention elsewhere and view people through the eyes of the angels. The more I see love within everyone, the more I feel it inside myself.

July 15 - See Yourself Through Angel Eyes

Your opinion of yourself is often filtered through your own ego or someone else's. Yet this part of self is afraid of light, so it only detects the shadows - and if you view yourself through this lens, you'll only see and feel darkness. It really doesn't matter what others think of you, as your spiritual truth can't be changed by anyone's opinion.

Today, see yourself through the eyes of us angels. We only perceive your higher truth and Divinity - you're as pure and holy as we are. Your soul is guiltless and perfect in every way, and you have valuable talents that are a true asset to this planet.

You're completely kind and loving, and we care for you very much.

Thought for Today

I see myself through the eyes of my guardian angels. No matte what other people say or think of me, my spritual truth is constant and eternal. I am a perfect and holy child of God, now and forever,

July 14 - Make TIme for Yourself

Beloved one, you're and angel upon the earth. You give lovingly and selfishly to others, and you receive much joy and satisfaction in return. But along with all of this generosity, we angels want to remind you to also take time for yourself.

All givers must recharge their batteries by setting aside intervals for simple pleasures and personal passions. Today we'll work with you to carve out time for yourself - it could involve something spontaneous or a fun activity just for you.

What's the first thing that comes to mind as you read these words? If there's a special pursuit that you've been craving, this is the day to address your desire. We'll support you fully so that you'll have the time and motivation to ensure that you needs are met.

Thought for Today

I make time for activities that I find fulfilling and fun. The energy I spend on myself is a wise investment in my happiness and health. I am a perfect role model of self-care for my friends and family.

July 13 - Shift Yourself

If you find your energy or mood to be low today, remember that you can always shift yourself to a higher level. You have the power within your will, along with our help and assistance.

When you're stressed, your aura tightens and shrinks, which further compounds the slumps in your emotions and vitality. Call upon us angels to relax your aura so that it can stretch out further and pump up your feelings of happiness and energy.

Anytime you want to transform yourself, just pause and decide that you'd like to be in a more enjoyable mood or have more energy - this choice is the starting point. Then as you inhale deeply, imagine yourself drawing in universal energy, taking in as much as you desire.

Thought for Today

I take charge of my moods and emotions. I've decided to feel great today. Thank you angels, for helping me keep my energy and spirits high and healthy.

July 12 - Notice Signs from Above

We angels are in constant communication with you. You usually hear us through your gut feelings and intuition, but we also send you signs to help you understand and trust our messages. These help you know that what you're experiencing isn't your imagination or a coincidence, so notice the many signs that we send you today.

As you become more aware of them, you'll see that they're all around you. Some are physical, such as objects that you find or see; others are auditory, and they include verbal messages that you receive through other people and music.

Notice the running theme within these signs - they spell out complete messages and stories. Please ask us if you need help interpreting them.

Thought for Today

I notice signs from my angels. I readily understand what I see, hear, feel, and know in my heart. I trust the signals and feel confident that they're real messages from above. I remember to ask my angels for signs, and request their help in interpreting them.

July 11 - Bring Out the Best in Others

Everyone has a spark of genius and healing energy within them, which are gifts from God. You can help others awaken their spiritual endowments and inspire them to hold a more positive outlook.

To do so, see the beautiful light and goodness in everyone you meet. Keep your conversations filled with harmonious melodies, and don't allow yourself to be an instrument in any chorus containing sour notes. Use only positive and loving words.

Your own happiness is the greatest tool for helping and teaching. It is a profound energy that emits deeply healing rays of light that have an uplifting effect. There's no need for you to work at mending others, as your feelings of peace will accomplish this automatically. Hold the intention of being joyful, and let everything else take care of itself.

When you're happy, you bring out the best in yourself and others.

Thought for Today

I allow myself to feel joyful. I am truly happy, for this state is the choice I make.